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Posted in Eu Comigo with tags , on maio 22, 2011 by Fernando Gomes

At this night, It strikes again
The beast is on the loose
With Its sulfur breath
Its teeth is all huge
Its fangs is deadly
And it sticks them in my mind
Piercing into my very soul

It laughs at me, very high
I´m in its hands now
Totally bound to its will
Once more time, again
But I am getting strong, yes!
Building my wall, brick by brick
I´m sharpening my sword

My armor is getting harder
My spear has a long range
And I will fight this beast
I declare war to it.
I will fight it, battle by battle
Night by night
Stabbing its belly
Cutting its head once for all

But, like the hidra, its prevail
So I don´t put my guard down
Cause this beast lives with me
It lives in me, inside my mind
So it will keeping  attacking me
But, I´m far stronger now
And, someday, I will win
It draw first blood yes
But I will make the final blow
And I will walk in the sun again…

                                   By Fernando Gomes